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Til Death: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Performance Dates 8,9,12,14,15 & 17 September, 2016 at the Rio Theatre

Playwright Ryan Gladstone

Performer Tara Travis

Tara Travis is one of the strongest actors in the Fringe Festival and has been performing at the fest for years. Her previous shows include Lavinia, Houdini’s Last Escape, The Unfortunate Ruth, and Best Picture (also currently playing). Tara and Monster Theatre generally have some of the best and funniest plays in the Fringe Festival. Til Death has Tara playing every wife and role and she does a masterful job. Her characterizations are specific and her physicality and vocalizations are excellent. Ryan Gladstone has written a hilarious script. This was one of my favourite shows in the 2012 Festival and it definitely deserves this remount. See it.