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Awkward Stage Productions has established a solid reputation of presenting consistently strong musical productions with young casts and Cannibal is no exception. I applaud Awkward Stage for taking a risk by producing a show that pushes boundaries. For a company that I consider family friendly, this is no small thing. Do not take the kids to this one or anyone easily offended. Do take everyone else though. 

This is the second stage version of Trey Parker’s Cannibal that I have seen. Trey Parker’s original script was written before South Park while he was still in University and it reads as an early work (i.e. not as strong as South Park which is one of my favourite shows).  Awkward Stage has enriched the source material with South Park (and other modern) references and a talented, enthusiastic ensemble. Every performer has created memorable, comedic roles and special mention must be given to the actors playing a fire, a horse, and a sheep; I’ve never seen so much detail, presence, and hilarity from smaller roles without words. Great physicality.

The production values are high; especially the costumes and animation. The cast provides infectious fun and the Saloon fight and the many naughty double entendres were a blast. The Artistic team and all involved are to be commended for crafting a musical that improves on Trey Parker’s script. Not an easy feat. This show will sell out- get your tickets fast.

By Jim MacDonald